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Mini Personalized Name Labels

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Ultra-mini Applied Labels™

Designed to fit all those little items

0.2" x 0.75"

Dishwasher-safe on plastics

Name and icon only - no additional text available

Mini Applied Labels™ are the ideal labeling mate for items that standard name labels are too small for. They carry the same quality and durability as our Classic Applied Labels™, but can now be placed on a wider variety of items, such as pacifiers, glasses, crayons, pens, pencils and toothbrushes. Rollover the images to the left to see a sample of what Mini Applied Labels™ can be applied to.

Mini Applied Labels are not for use on silicon pacifiers.

Apply them to a dry and clean surface. Handle the label by the edges to avoid contaminating the adhesive. Place the label and press very firmly, especially on the corners. Wait 24 hours before washing as bond strength builds with time.

Note: Labels should be applied by adults. Periodically inspect and replace any labels that appear to be lifting. 

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Mini Name Labels - Pacifier Labels - Toothbrush Labels

Mini Applied Labels™ are perfect for all the smaller items in your child's life. Our mini name labels for kids can be used as labels for non-silicon pacifiers and baby spoon labels. These smaller labels are also great for school supplies and can be applied to crayons, pencils, glue sticks and highlighters.