Pacifier Labels

Pacifier Labels

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2.75" x 0.2"

Long narrow strips of super strong adhesive labels.

Permanent Ink & Dishwasher-Safe - Lead & BPA Free!

The only way we know of to label silicone pacifiers. Great for plastic pacifiers and swimming goggles too!

Simply insert through a hole or ring, flip, align and press.

Flip Tags™ are an awesome and secure way to label pacifiers. Nothing but silicone will stick to silicone, so with the Flip Tag™, you are bonding to another adhesive creating an incredibly strong bond. They work on plastic pacifiers as well.


Simply insert through a hole or ring of the pacifier and flip. Carefully align to the label and press to seal. Align the labels so they are facing the front of the pacifer, away from baby. For goggles, use around the band.

Note: Labels should be applied by adults. Periodically inspect and replace any labels that appear to be lifting.

Flip Tags™

Bonus! Baker's dozen! We include one extra practice Flip Tag™ with each sheet of 12 labels!

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Pacifier Labels ~ Labels for Pacifiers

Flip Tags™ are a durable, dishwasher-safe name label for pacifiers. Silicone pacifiers are difficult to label as only silicone will stick to silicone. With the Flip Tags™, they adhere to themselves. Simply slip it through a hole or handle of a pacifier and flip. Take care to align the ends and press. When the two adhesives hit, they form a very strong and secure bond. Align the labels so they are facing the front of the pacifer, away from baby.