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Camp Labels

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We've put together the perfect label pack for camp. They include a combo of the following labels:

Designer Applied Labels™ - Waterproof sticky labels. 1.5" x 0.5".

Designer Iron-Ons - Ultra performance iron-ons for socks, underwear and tagless t-shirts. 1.5" x 0.5".
NOTE: These come on a strip and must be cut before applying.

Clothing Backers - For items with tags, sandwich a Clothing Backer and Applied Label™ together. 1.5" x 0.5".

Shoe Shields™ - Clear, protective covers for Applied Labels™. 1.8" x 0.6".

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When your camper comes home, ensure all of their stuff does too!

Our camp packs include labels that are personalized, ultra-durable and commercial dishwasher and laundry safe. The labels work on everything from water bottles to clothes to shoes. Iron-Ons are included for items without tags such as underwear and socks.
Applied Labels™: Apply to a dry and clean surface. Handle the label by the edges to avoid contaminating the adhesive. Place the label and press very firmly, especially on the corners.

Iron-Ons: Place label text side up on the fabric.
Pre-heat iron for 5 min. on high setting - no steam.
Press with very firm stationary pressure for 10 sec.
You're done! Tell all your friends how easy that was!
For Polyester Uniforms and Athletic Materials, simply trim your Iron-On label down if needed and then iron it directly onto the clothing tag.

Clothing Backers: Step 1 - Place the blank backer behind the tag, sticky side up. Step 2 - Align the printed label and press, with sticky sides together.

Shoe Shields™: Simply apply the name label to the inside, flat heel area of the shoe and press firmly. Center the Shoe Shields™ label over the name label and press firmly.

For video instructions, please visit our Instructions and FAQs page.

Note: Labels should be applied by adults. Periodically inspect and replace any labels that appear to be lifting.

Designer Camp Label Pack

60 Applied Labels
60 Iron-Ons
1 Strip of 12 Clear Shoe Shields
30 Blank Clothing Backers

$39.00 - 120 Printed Labels

Text for Printing:
Optional Additional Text*:

Ultimate Designer Camp Label Pack
90 Applied Labels
90 Iron-Ons
1 Strip of 12 Clear Shoe Shields
30 Blank Clothing Backers

$48.00 - 180 Printed Labels
Text for Printing:
Optional Additional Text*:

*i.e., phone number or email.  The layout of your label will vary based on your design and text selections.

Camp Labels – Labels for Camp – Summer Camp Labels

Our camp label packs are a complete package for all the labels your kids will need for camp.  The camp label packs contain a variety of adhesive and iron-on labels.  These tough camp labels will remain on your child's belongings all camp season and longer.