Press & Awards
Mother of Invention
Top Finalist 2007 Whirlpool Brand Mother of Invention Grant
Best Products Media Guide
Awarded Best Product by
Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC.
Winter 2008
Live at 9 Appearance
WREG - Memphis
Jan. 2008
Parent and Child Magazine
Featured May 2008
Time Out NY Kids
Featured Jan. 2009
Parents with Style Award
Parents With Style
Featured & Awarded June 2009
Vertical Response Contestant
Finalist in Vertical Response's
New Deal for Small Business
Video Competition, April 2010
Tots to Teens
Featured Fall 2010

Featured in
The Peabody Journal
Winter 2010

Featured August 2011

Featured on Numerous
Times on

Memphis Parent Applied Labels Feature

Full-Page Editorial Feature in
Memphis Parent Magazine
March 2012

Discount Queen Applied Labels Feature

Featured on the Very Popular Blog
March 2013

Discount Queen Applied Labels Feature

Top 20
American Express
"Love my Store Contest" 2015

Received ACA Membership As
A Business Affiliate
March 2015