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Formula Labels

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Ultra durable and dishwasher-safe

Permanent adhesive and ink

High resolution

1.5" x 0.5"

While you can print "Formula For:" or "Breast Milk For:" on line 1 and a child's name on line two, you may want to order separate Breast Milk or Formula labels for your bottles. This will allow your name labels to be more versatile and makes the best use of them.

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Apply content labels to a dry and clean surface. Handle the label by the edges to avoid contaminating the adhesive. Place the label and press very firmly, especially on the corners. Wait 24 hours before washing, as bond strength builds with time.

Watch video instructions.

Note: Labels should be applied by adults. Periodically inspect and replace any labels that appear to be lifting. 

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Content Labels ~ Baby Bottle Labels ~ Breast Milk Labels ~ Formula Labels

Content Labels are a component of our dishwasher-safe baby bottle labeling system. Choose Formula or Breast Milk. They are adhesive, waterproof and dishwasher-safe.