Color-Code Tapes

Color-Coding Tapes

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16 great colors

3/4" wide x 66' long

Lead, DEHP and BPA free

Want to make your bottles stand out and look sharp? Then you are going to love our colorful, dishwasher-safe Baby Tapes™. Simply wrap the tape fully around a clean, dry bottle. Center and place your Applied Labels ™ name label over the tape. Reduces the possibility of a mix-up.

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Baby Tapes™ are dishwasher-safe, color-coded tapes. For baby bottles, wrap the tape fully around a clean, dry bottle. Overlap the tape by 1.5 - 2 inches. Cut the tape and press firmly. Center and place your Applied Labels™ name label over the tape. Press firmly, especially on the corners.

Watch video instructions.

Note: Tape should be applied by adults. Periodically inspect and replace any tape that appears to be lifting. 

ATTN: Centers and Schools. You must use the B2B site to receive the volume discounted business rate on individual rolls.

All 16 Colors of Baby Tapes™
Shipping via USPS Priority Mail
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$5.50 per roll

Color-Code Baby Tapes™

Our Baby Tapes™ will color-code baby bottles and will make your child's stand out against all the others. Use them at daycare or in your home. They are dishwasher safe and waterproof.